Everyone loves Mister Potato by Mamee Double Decker, even the world's greatest football club! We are proud to announce that Mister Potato is the official Global Snack Partner of Manchester United.

Through our partnership with Manchester United, Mister Potato will bring you closer to the world of football, especially Manchester United, from now until 2014. Look out for exciting contests, great giveaways, free merchandise, and even a chance to meet the Manchester United team themselves!

Manchester United is the world's No.1 sports team, with a history of legendary players. Likewise, Mister Potato performs at the top of our game, producing high quality, chips and crisps – no compromise on health or taste.

Our crisps and chips are a household name in over 80 countries around the world. With over 50 star products from Mamee Double Decker, and more joining the line-up each year, the possibilities are endless.

Together, Mister Potato and Manchester United have the power, imagination and know-how to raise the game. It's time to kick-off the fun!